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Download Film Death Note Live Action Sub Indo 13




I was quite shocked to see the first announcement of Ken'ichi Matsuyama in the cast of Dragon Ball Z: Light Of Hope. He plays a younger version of Oolong (the most famous martial arts master of the world), who has taken over the title and is asked to work with the Z Fighters. After all, it wouldn't be right to have an older version of Oolong, because he is the father of Oolong Jr., and before Goku was even born. Oh, and one of the other Z Fighters is Tetsuo, who is fighting against a otherworldly race called the Namekians, who seek to remove the name Tagoma from the Earth before they can reach the Namekian Galaxy and exterminate every living being. I had a couple of reservations when I first heard this news. One, I could have sworn this was one of the films that didn't see release due to the contract lengths and the other being that Ken'ichi Matsuyama had a starring role in Death Note: Desu nôto, a few years earlier. But, I have to admit that I was impressed with the casting choices in this film. Not only was Ken'ichi Matsuyama, the Dragon Ball Z actor I had always wanted to see play the character (it just seemed like the right age for Oolong, plus I've always wanted to see him play a character that was older than he is now), but it also gave me a great opportunity to see him work and see how he works, since he plays a character who is far more powerful than a character in Dragon Ball. When the Dragon Ball Z movies were showing up on the big screen again, the fact that Matsuyama is in the lead role made me think this film might be good. So, does it live up to my expectations? For starters, I would say that this is probably the best Dragon Ball Z movie up until now. Not to knock Dragon Ball Kai, because it's still better than some of the ones made after it, but it's not even on the same level as the films that were made after it. The action scenes are some of the best of any Dragon Ball Z movie, and have very little filler. The fights between the Z Fighters and the Namekians are great, and I loved that there are some parts that play out like battles from the manga. (For those that want to see how it compares to the manga, this



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Download Film Death Note Live Action Sub Indo 13
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